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Sunday, September 26, 2010


Because bicycles are so 20th century.

I honestly can't believe someone thinks that have a public bicycle/monorail system is a good idea for public transportation. These things are going to smell so bad after the first day of use. This is just gross.

You can't even combine the words bicycle and monorail to make some other cooler word.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Lonely Avenue

"The album contains eleven new songs featuring music by Ben Folds with lyrics by Nick Hornby."

I wasn't quite sure what I thought about Ben Folds doing an album with the writer Nick Hornby when I first heard about it several months ago. This was mainly due to the fact that Hornby sounded like a douche and wrote about sports a lot. But I've been listening to the tracks on this album and I've got to say they're really good. The music part of this collaboration is particularly strong which is surprising to me since Ben Folds used a lot more electronic parts for his songs than he is used to.

Stand Out Tracks:
A Working Day
Levi Johnston's Blues
From Above
Saskia Hamilton

Lonely Avenue is an extremely solid album with great lyrics and even better music. I would definitely recommend Lonely Avenue to anyone who is a fan of Ben Folds or Ben Folds Five.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm not really sure what i want this blog to be about yet. I'll probably just come here to write about how I feel about things such as movies, politics, television shows, music, life, ect. So if you're interested you can follow me.

Time Trumpet

I am a huge fan of Darkplace (a great show) so Time Trumpet is hilarious for me.
Time Trumpet